Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why a Blog?

Good question.

First of all, if reading blogs is not something that is usual to you, please do not feel that you have to read these entries or risk hurting my feelings.  Believe me, I understand that people have different levels of familiarity and comfort with different styles of communication.

This brings me to my reason for writing this- communication.  Will this be the only way that I will communicate and interact?  Of course not.  This simply provides another mode, one which certain groups of people are extremely comfortable and familiar with using and responding to.

This blog can hopefully also provide a point of discussion about topics of faith.  This discussion can be had amongst members within the church, but even people who just happen upon the website as well.  We are called to be salt and light and I believe that we can make use of technology in our endeavors towards this end.

Lastly, I welcome comments on my blog, either posts on the blog itself, or in person comments.  I might be crazy for opening the blog up to comments, but my mission is to foster educational moments, and we learn in community.  I will read through comments and respond.  Additionally if we happen to have someone discover the site, who leaves a not-so-appropriate comment, I can and will be able to delete comments that are not appropriate.

However, my main focus is joy, community, and sharing!  I look forward to further discussions.

Love in Christ,


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