Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thinking About Hunger from a Place of Excess

During this month our focus is going to be hunger and helping those in need.  Two projects that we will be promoting and participating in are Church World Service's CROP Walk on Sunday Oct 13th at Onondaga Lake Park, and the other will be Trick or Treat for UNICEF which will culminate with dressing in costumes after church school on Oct 27th and collecting funds.  Additionally, children will be encouraged to raise additional funds (if they and their parents are comfortable) by asking for a quarter or any "loose change" donations when/if they trick or treat.

It is interesting to talk about the issue of hunger during a month that we don't think quite as much about it.  Around November we have Thanksgiving and that seems to fit more naturally.  The Christmas season as well is a time that we are often prompted to think of others.

I'll admit that the reason that I incorporated issues of hunger in late September and into Oct (the early part) was due to participation in CROP- because CROP is at a set time, and having tie ins and background information for students is important to me.

However, upon having a talk with Pastor Stuart, I came to realize that, particularly for our younger children, that we can make this connection even with Halloween.  On a night that some people may see as "anti-church", can we not only say "No, this is a celebration of fun, and fantasy." but also use it as an opportunity to further carry out the will of Christ?

This is a new idea for me too, but one that has me thinking.

Please support any of our participants in our CROP walk as well as with Trick or Treat for UNICEF.  If you'd like to learn more about either of these efforts, please visit.  

Also, this YouTube video made by Alleluia! Lutheran Church in IL to promote their local CROP walk is just brilliant and fun.

The official UNICEF site: http://unicefusa.org/
A UNICEF video explaining the basics and promoting involvement for children and families.

Families- if you want to check out some great books to share with your children, look here.

Yours in Christ, 


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